Vix Reitano

Founder @ Agency 6B

Vix Reitano is the Founder of Agency 6B, is a full-service advertising agency providing bespoke solutions for Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, and Content and Video Production services in an evolving world. Reitano launched Agency 6B as a six figure company in six weeks in August of 2015 and grew the business by 843% in 2020 during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic. She is also the Founder of the Side Hustle Success Story™️ program, a 12-week coaching program that supports entrepreneurs in increasing their revenue, streamlining their operations and building a business with intention. Connect with Vix personally on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook @vixreitano and on Twitter @vixinthecity. And follow @agency6b on all platforms to view the work created by her and her team. To work with her, visit


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