Rosaria Giorgi

Founder @ XAUXA

Rosaria Giorgi is the CEO and Founder of XAUXA ♥ Chocolate That Loves You Back, the world’s first cold-crafted AI-perfected chocolate..

By combining the advances of Artificial Intelligence with a rare cold-crafting technique, Rosaria and her team have succeeded in preserving cacao beans’ potent nutrients and antioxidants, saved over 430 aromas naturally present in the cacao beans but mostly lost during typical manufacturing, and created a fabulously unconventional chocolate range.

Rosaria grew up in Italy, moved to Denmark for university, and majored in Scandinavian Literature. She resided in Ireland for over a decade, where she co-founded the country’s first digitized fashion agency, before relocating to Canada, where she continued researching on the cross-pollination between open innovation and traditional commerce. The result was XAUXA, a company whose success rests on the revolutionary combination of heritage & innovation, art & science.

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