Izabela Serowik

Co-Founder - Pare

Izabela is a first-generation Polish-American with a B.E. and M.E. from Stevens Institute of Technology. She works as a technology analyst specializing in intelligent automation at Johnson & Johnson, an American multinational healthcare corporation. She has work experience in engineering, technology and business, as well as a passion for entrepreneurship and social good. On nights and weekends, Izabela is dedicated to Pare, a startup she is co-founded with three longtime friends, which provides personalized recommendations for new experiences starting with bars and restaurants in New York City. Additionally, Izabela serves on the Board of Directors for a Liberian-based non-profit organization called Community Solutions Aid (CSAID), whose founder she mentored as part of an international incubator program hosted by Bridge for Billions. In her spare time, Izabela loves to travel, read, and spend time in nature.

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