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Shagun is the visionary behind the product and user experience. A CPA, CIA and an experienced auditor and process consultant, she designed ART for accountants. Having gone through the broken and inefficient process various times over, she believed there was a more efficient and user friendly way to do reconciliations.

Get comfortable in your skin

Cultivating habits to create boundaries and honoring yourself.
Shagun Malhotra
Founder and CEO | SkyStem

Charlotte is mom to two little ones and the Founder & CEO of Parenthood Ventures, an inclusive founder ecosystem for early stage ParentTech - i.e., startups serving parents, fertility to tweens. ParentTech founders (typically parents, female, and outside Silicon Valley), are uniquely underserved by the existing startup world: Parenthood Ventures is solving that.

Surviving as a parent founder

Building a company is hard. Juggling it with motherhood is harder. Here are some strategies for staying afloat.
Charlotte Michailidis
Founder & CEO | Parenthood Ventures

Pauline is a certified digital business strategist helping female entrepreneurs. With her help, they can build and scale businesses, take ownership of their work and personal life, get their time and sanity back! She uses her expertise in tech design and user experience to help them be successful CEOs without sacrificing their family life. 

I am Remarkable - what my experience with Google taught me about entrepreneurial mindset

Accomplishments do not speak for themselves! In this talk I will share my own journey struggling with imposter syndrome and never daring to highlight my contributions or my talents; I will share how, during my time in Google, I discovered that everyone struggles with this, no matter how smart and talented; and I will share how the “I Am Remarkable” initiative transformed me – and can transform you as well.

Pauline Malubay
Founder | Pauline Malubay Consulting

With a diverse background in systems, design and community development, Naomi cast her career aside in 2013 to introduce an organic cold-pressed juice culture to her hometown of Pittsburgh. To Naomi, the Pittsburgh Juice Company has always represented "something to believe in." Since 2013 The Pittsburgh Juice Company has continued to act as a catalyst and a hub for sustainable health and wellness, providing both a product and workplace that foster vitality.

Leading with compassion in a labor-intensive wellness industry

As entrepreneurs we are driven internally by a commitment to show up as our best selves and get the job done, whatever it takes. But it takes more than one person to grow and scale a business, so how do we instill this drive in our team?

Naomi Hoppel
Owner & Director | The Pittsburgh Juice Company

TL Robinson is the Founder and CEO of THE U.P., an anonymous platform that allows members of the sexual assault survivor community to connect.

Always Fight Back

"Always Fight Back" is an unpopular opinion, but is something that women who want to succeed need to know. This talk is based upon TL's experiences with fighting for equality and overcoming adversity in both her personal and professional lives. She's included lessons learned and realized victories from those experiences into this talk.
TL Robinson
Founder and CEO | THE U.P.

Shriya Sekhsaria is founder and CEO of Lumhaa: The Memory Jar Company, which is a collaborative social media platform that helps people create “memory jars” – time capsules for relationships and experiences they care about.

Taking up space as a woman business leader

As women, we're often afraid to take up space, and this can be problematic in many ways -- we shorten our introductions in meetings, we let our time and energy get taken for granted by employees, and sometimes we even let outsiders dictate terms because we don't want to voice what we feel. Here are some ways to identify places you're shrinking yourself to fit into, and 7 ways to stop.
Shriya Sekhsaria
Founder | Lumhaa: The Memory Jar Company

Phoebe Yu is the CEO and Founder of ettitude. While shopping for her own home after moving to Melbourne, Australia, Phoebe spotted an opportunity within the bedding market to create sustainable luxury for less. In 2020, ettitude closed a $1.5m seed round and was named an Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America.

Lessons on resilience as an immigrant founder

From finding community to adapting financially, there are many similarities between the challenge of starting up a new business and the challenge of moving to a new country. Here are my top lessons in perseverance and agility, as someone who has experienced both.
Phoebe Yu
Founder and CEO | ettitude

Willow Hill is the Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Scout Lab, an award-winning creative agency building the purpose-driven brands of tomorrow. Clients include, Adidas, Venmo, Ritual, and more. Early in her career Willow worked to build the Airbnb global brand and is now an advisor to companies that use emerging technology to solve global issues.

The Art of Co-Founding

In this talk, you will learn how to find, grow, and maintain a healthy co-founder partnership in order to build the business and the life you want.
Willow Hill
Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer | Scout Lab

Allison Byers founded Scroobious, a video pitch platform for diverse start-ups including Black, Latinx, women, LGBTQ+, and veteran founders to be discovered by and connected to angels, venture capitalists, and corporate investors.

Pitching as a diverse founder

There are critical differences between pitching in person and pitching remotely. Learn how to command attention in a virtual format and communicate confidence with your fundraising pitch.
Allison Byers
Founder and CEO | Scroobious

Dena started her own consulting company Roya in 2019 and before that she led several teams at many Fortune 500 and early/growth stage technology startups in building brand recognition along with products that customers and employees actually love and are inspired by.

Founder wellbeing and how it impacts their success

There is a direct link between founder wellbeing and business performance so let’s talk about why and how to prioritize it.
Dena Nejad
Founder | Roya

Gabriella Wong is the founder and CEO of AccesSOS, a tech nonprofit fighting to make emergency help accessible to everyone.

Nonprofit and tech? How to start a nonprofit tech company and why nonprofit?

What do Wikipedia, Crisis Textline, and Khan Academy all have in common? They're all tech nonprofits. This talk discusses if the nonprofit route is right for your startup, how to navigate the space between nonprofit and tech (we have to get funded somehow!), and why building community based solutions over profit driven solutions are needed now more than ever.
Gabriella Wong
Founder and CEO | AccesSOS

Arianne is the founder of Arianne Elmy, a women’s ready to wear brand based in NYC. She holds a BFA in fashion design from Pratt Institute and studied abroad at Central Saint Martins. Arianne was named by Nylon as one of the top 9 designers to watch for and by NYMag/The Cut as someone "on the up and up."

Bootstrapping a 7 Figure E-Comm Brand

Women's Ready to Wear Designer Arianne Elmy speaks on how to grow a direct to consumer e-comm brand in an oversaturated market through press, influencers, experimental and traditional media marketing strategies. She also discusses how to leverage your audience for social justice impact.
Arianne Elmy
Founder | Roya

Nova Lorraine’s debut fashion collection earned her Haute Couture Designer of the Year and she went on to earn two Rising Star nominations from the Fashion Group International. Her designs landed spots in major magazines, in film and on television. Her experiences as a designer and entrepreneur inspired her to launch Raine Magazine and her award nominated podcast:

The Role of Mindfulness in Entrepreneurship

Discover new techniques to maximize creativity and reduce stress and avoid burnout as you build your business.

Nova Lorraine
Founder | Raine Magazine

Kiley Peters is the Founder and CEO of Brainchild Studios, a boutique digital content marketing and website creation agency primarily serving brands targeting Millennial Moms. She is also the Founder of the Work From Home Playbook, a series of online courses guiding aspiring entrepreneurial moms through the steps of starting a virtual business. 

How to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

As a small business owner, lead generation and sustained business growth is always top of mind. However, you only have so many hours in a day, so you need to use your time wisely. Let’s talk about how content marketing can be your best friend and how it can help you grow your business.
Kiley Peters
Founder and CEO | Brainchild Studios

Shamma Raghib is a Startup Advisor, she  founded Girls Get Funded when she realized that a lot of her womxn friends and entrepreneurs often struggle to understand how to build a startup all the way from idea to a scalable company. Shamma is currently advising a couple of SaaS based startups globally. Apart from that she is also a SaaS Transformation Manager for Collibra (currently valued at $2.3B), having gone through Series A-through E with this company. 

How to setup the first sales engine for SaaS companies

It is often very confusing on how would a SaaS company set up its first sales engine. Let Shamma demistify this for you. She shares valuable insights on her journey with Collibra as well as a simple framework that you can generally apply to many different types of startups apart from SaaS.
Shamma Raghib
Founder | Girls Get Funded

June is the founder of Female Founders Faster Forward (F4) an independent 501 (c)3 organization aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #10.3, championing equal opportunity for all irrespective of age, ethnicity, gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, and socio-economic status. June is on the leadership council for the National Small Business Association (NSBA).

Combatting Systemic Bias in Venture Capital Requires Transformative Change

While it is difficult for female founders to get VC funding, it is even more difficult for underserved minorities in the female founder community. Women of color, women with lower socio-economic backgrounds, and LGBTQI+ women are funded at an even lower rate than women in general. Even worse, the statistics have not improved despite a decade of discussion and initiatives. We collectively need to advocate for a strategy that brings together political policy leaders and venture capital investors to combat the systemic bias in funding startups led by female and underserved minority founders. Venture Capital funding requires a transformative change – transformative change begins with legal change.
June Manley
Founder | Female Founders Faster Forward (F4)

Cindy Machles is the co-founder and CEO of Glue, which has been recognized as a top 20 NYC agency in both advertising and public relations since 2015. Before launching Glue, Cindy started and led healthcare-focused branding and advertising organizations for WPP and held product management roles at both Johnson & Johnson and Clorox. She is a founding steering committee member of the Chicago Booth Angels Network in NYC and an alumni board member locally as well. Cindy has an MBA from Chicago Booth and a BS summa cum laude from Boston University.

Your personal brand as a growth driver for your business

Your company's most unique asset is you! And while you may think of branding as a concept that only applies to products or services, using it to accentuate your personal strengths and raise your industry visibility is one of the most effective ways to set your business apart. Once you understand the fundamentals–what personal branding is, why it matters, and how to use tools and templates to establish yours–you and your business will be well-positioned for competitive advantage. Even better–the impact of developing and implementing a personal brand will be more immediate than almost any other action you can take.
Cindy Machles
Co-founder and CEO | Glue

Rose has over 35 years of experience in technology and consumer-based industries. During her career, Rose has opened new businesses in the United States, been a general manager with full P&L responsibility and led major corporate transformations. As the Chief Transformation Officer at Xerox, Rose led the transition to the global industry and solutions business, — integrating acquisitions, diverse cultures and operating units, to develop and execute the enterprise strategy.

How to frame conversations that drive the right outcome

Conversations that change minds, change hearts and create outcomes.
Rose Fass
Founder | fassforward

"Nothing makes me happier than balancing a previously way-off-track budget, educating clients on how to maintain a healthy cash flow… and seeing them stick to the plan I’ve customized for them. It’s the kind of win-win my dreams are made of!"

Operating a profitable business, not just running an operation

Know what your numbers are telling you about your business.
Oneida Franco
Founder & CEO| Franco Blueprint

Victoria Li is cofounder of Heard, a financial back office for therapists. After graduating from MIT, she has worked in product and engineering across various startups in the Bay Area.

Building your first MVP

What does building your MVP actually look like? Tips & tricks to build the first version of your product and get it out the door.
Victoria Li
Cofounder | Heard

Lekita Logan-Range, is an award-winning Female Entrepreneur, Event Designer, Producer and Business Branding Specialist. She created the Lavish Branding Academy to help wedding planners, designers & female business owners like yourself generate more quality leads.

Key critical components necessary to aid female entrepreneurs to stop undervaluing themselves

In this talk I will explain what you need to know before starting a business, so you turn in your 2-week notice when you are ready, while still paying your bills on time, and have a safe and smooth transition into entrepreneurship.

Lekita Logan-Range
Founder | Lavish Branding Academy

With more than 25 years of experience, Betsy has experience across virtually all communication disciplines: strategic corporate and marketing communication programs, branding, company and product launches, B2B and direct-to-consumer programs, crisis communications and media relations.

Managing a Remote Team for Success

Best Practices and Lessons from an Early Adopter of the WFH Business Model.
Betsy Merryman
President and Managing Partner | Merryman Communications

Neha is now a 4 times business owner, and she runs those while raising 2 toddlers! She is an expert in career planning/recruitment, a certified sleep consultant, and mom entrepreneurship coach, mentoring moms with young children on how to start a business to create better work/life balance.

What 9-5 Moms Need to Know Before they Start a Business

In this talk I will explain what you need to know before starting a business, so you turn in your 2-week notice when you are ready, while still paying your bills on time, and have a safe and smooth transition into entrepreneurship.

Neha Naik
Founder | RecruitGyan

A pioneer in brand building, Nicole has successfully launched new brands, reinvented well-known brands, and created new product categories for Fortune 500 companies. As CEO & Founder of Sublime Communications, a certified women-owned business, she has led the team to become the AOR for Serena Williams Jewelry, Eureka Vacuums, Delamar Hotels and over 30 cyber security companies.

How brands should address the concerns of the moment, whether it’s coronavirus, economic realities, racial justice and whatever else 2021 brings our way

Customers follow people, not brands. Incorporating your personal story with your brand story generates a level of trust and authenticity that is more powerful than any marketing plan.
Nicole Enslein
Founder & CEO | Sublime Communications

Andrea Gonzalez Corleto is an entrepreneur and marketer. She is the Founder of Silkkin, an LA-based brand that offers skin-friendly products - most commonly, Silkkin is known for silk face masks that help prevent maskne. Andrea also leads the marketing team a direct-to-consumer tech startup, where she helped grow the business from $2M in revenue to $40M+ in 3 years.

Building an e-commerce business during a pandemic

How to make your business relevant to the current state of the world and navigate the advertising environment to generate more profitable sales.
Andrea Gonzalez
Founder | Silkkin

Patricia is the Co-Founder and CEO of Private AI, a Toronto- and Berlin-based startup creating a suite of privacy tools that make it easy to comply with data protection regulations, mitigate cybersecurity threats, and maintain customer trust.

The importance of integrating privacy into the foundations of your business practice

Privacy-first companies are thriving and their competitive advantage is growing. We'll cover how startups can integrate privacy-first thinking into their tech and customer onboarding processes.
Patricia Thaine
Co-Founder & CEO | Private AI

Adelle is the CEO & co-founder of Eterneva, an innovative company that honors the lives of remarkable people and pets by turning their cremated ashes into diamonds. In 2019, Eterneva was named Consumer Startup of the Year by the Stevie Awards and was featured on Shark Tank, receiving investment from Mark Cuban. Adelle has been featured on both Inc and Forbes coveted ’30 Under 30′ lists.

Adelle Archer
CEO & Co-Founder | Eterneva

Magdalena is the co-founder and CEO of LabTwin, delivering voice-first digital lab assistants to Life Science enterprises. She is a passionate design-driven entrepreneur with over 15 years of hands-on execution experience in building and leading cross-disciplinary teams in an agile fashion.

A hybrid life of a corporate-backed startup

Welcome to a world of hybrid startups, where the DNA and agile mentality of a startup is combined with domain expertise, reputation, trust and security.
Magdalena Paluch
CEO | LabTwin

Aria Massoudifar is a serial entrepreneur and product manager in Tech mostly known for her role as a former product manager at Uber. Aria’s portfolio of her businesses and projects are: Her work as an online educator, course creator and mentor is followed by thousands of people globally. She uses her platform to empower her 100k+ community all around the world. She is the founder of a newly launched health & wellness app Vito to help busy millennials take charge of their health.

How to come up with a winning product idea and find a market fit

Learn the core strategies for taking your product from ideation to market research to launch and skills that will hyper-grow your product.
Aria Massoudifar
Founder | Vito

Izabela is a first-generation Polish-American with a B.E. and M.E. from Stevens Institute of Technology. She works as a technology analyst specializing in intelligent automation at Johnson & Johnson, an American multinational healthcare corporation. On nights and weekends, Izabela is dedicated to Pare, a startup she co-founded with three longtime friends, which provides personalized recommendations for new experiences, starting with bars and restaurants in New York City.

Startup investing: Angel Investing, Rolling Funds, Crowd-funding, etc.

Izabela is going to give a crash course on the various ways that early-stage ventures can get funded. This would include a basic overview, pros/cons of each method from both the founder and the investor perspective (since many founders do eventually become investors), and suggested resources to learn more or get started.
Izabela Serowik
CEO & Co-Founder | Pare

Rose has over 35 years of experience in technology and consumer-based industries. During her career, Rose has opened new businesses in the United States, been a general manager with full P&L responsibility and led major corporate transformations. As the Chief Transformation Officer at Xerox, Rose led the transition to the global industry and solutions business, — integrating acquisitions, diverse cultures and operating units, to develop and execute the enterprise strategy.

Four considerations every business needs to thrive during difficult times

These four things are what every entrepreneur needs to intimately understand about their business. Knowing how each impacts the day-to-day can keep you alive, and even thrive, when things become difficult
Rose Fass
CEO & Founder | fassforward Consulting Group

Cherie is the founder of Planner Bee, an app dedicated to simplifying and automating financial planning for the masses. She is a certified Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Life Underwriter with 11 years of field experience. She has been ranked top 5% of financial advisors globally over the last 10 years and started Planner Bee to apply technology to a century old tradition of financial planning.

Building a fintech company remotely

- Why I started Planner Bee
- Challenges in building a fintech startup
- How we work remotely even before the pandemic
- How it is like being an entrepreneur
Cherie Wang
Founder | Planner Bee

Danielle Reid is the Executive Director of DR and Associates, a marketing firm that specializes in branding, multicultural and diversity marketing, social media management, marketing consulting and organizational improvement with an established track record of success across businesses of all sizes and industries.

Brand identity of a brand for a new business

Discover how your brand should connect to consumers for ultimate exposure as well as brand awareness to begin the customer journey.
Danielle Reid
Executive Director | DR and Associates

Lucinda Koza is the Founder + CEO of I-Ally, a community-driven app that saves millennial family caregivers time, reduces stress, and enables informed decision-making by providing services that fulfill their unique needs. Mrs. Koza created I-Ally after her own experience becoming her father’s sole caregiver at a young age, which made her determined to advocate for others like her.

Power in Vulnerability: How Sharing your Personal Story Cultivates Brand Loyalty

Customers follow people, not brands. Incorporating your personal story with your brand story generates a level of trust and authenticity that is more powerful than any marketing plan.

Lucinda Koza
Founder & CEO | I-Ally

Gina is the founder of munchrooms, a 100% plant-based mushroom jerky company based in San Francisco. As a small, female, and Asian-owned business looking to establish a smarter snacking brand in the CPG space, munchrooms is dedicated to making healthier snacking more achievable and sustainable with our meat-alternative jerky.

Launching a CPG plant-based snack company during COVID

Pivoting is crucial for any startup. Learn how to adapt and implement new strategies during these challenging times in the CPG space.    

Gina Shi
Founder | munchrooms

Inga-Lena Rüttgers is the Founder and Creative Director of the women’s label Inga-Lena with their design studio in New York City.

On the verge of change  - about the abundance of product and how it all backfired in 2020

Fashion. An entire industry is holding their breath. Almost everything that could have unraveled, did in 2020. From brands reneging on orders and shamefully leaving garment workers unpaid, to the cancellation of red carpet events. Retailers, forced to shut down over night, finding themselves drowned in product. It got painfully clear that we, the creatives, must reinvent our process. It got clear that we, the consumers, need to renew our values. Inga-Lena draws a picture of a situation that imploded, the changes we are starting to see and the steps each one of us can take to adapt to a healthier world post quarantine.
Inga-Lena Rüttgers
Founder and Creative Director | Inga-Lena

Naoma is a multi-award winning Graphic Designer, originally from Mexico. Moving here for university, she received a B.A. in French Literature and Culture as well as a B.F.A. in Graphic Design the School of Design at the University of Central Oklahoma.

5 secrets from a brand designer and how they can affect your business

We will go over the ins and out of what is a good brand and how a visual system can fail. Along with some extra tips to help you harness this powerful tool in business.  

Naoma Serna-Zahn
Founder | Nuevo Studio

Bronwen Sciortino is an International Author and Simplicity  Expert who spent almost two decades as an award-winning  executive before experiencing a life changing event that forced  her to stop and ask the question ‘What if there’s a better way to  live?’  

Finding the perfect mentor at the perfect time

Growth comes when we step forward, ask for help and stretch ourselves ... but when others perfect time and how do we find the perfect person?
Bronwen Sciortino
Founder | sheIQ Life

Casting Director. Entrepreneur. Problem-Solver. Strategist. Photographer. Entertainment Industry Enthusiast. Kristen considers herself a heart-led business owner and has been working in Entertainment as a Casting Director, Producer, and Consultant since 2002. She firmly believes in the drive of her passion and intuition through experiencing the first-hand results of trusting her instincts in her life and work.

How to be a Heart-Led Leader and Carve Your Own Path

Following your passion can lead to both professional success and personal fulfillment. In this video,  you will learn more about heart-led leadership and tips to keep in mind as you forge your own path.

Kristen Paladino
Founder | Paladino Casting

Kristine Locker is the Founder & CEO of Locker. Kristine started her career in corporate real estate with Goldman Sachs in Dallas, Texas after graduating from Southern Methodist University in 2015 but ultimately decided she wanted to be her own boss.  Being the go-to for fashion advice for all of her friends and family, Kristine created Locker out of a personal need when shopping online.  When Kristine is not working on Locker you can find her reading, running or spending time with her family & friends.  

Building community around your brand and leveling with your audience

In re-discovering my purpose I was able to make the decision to follow my dreams and felt confident to go out on my own and start Locker - through which I strive to create a community where users feel empowered, confident and important.
Kristine Locker
Founder | Locker

"I lead Murdock Martell, a consulting practice of finance, accounting and HR consultants who provide services to exciting companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. At present we have approximately a hundred clients serviced by thirty-eight professionals. Our clients range from incubating startups to large multinationals; one of those being Google, Inc."

Carving out Your Niche to Form and Build a Business

You know your skill set aligns with the needs you see in the market, but how do you focus on making a business out of those needs? Learn how to carve out your niche to form and build a business.
Claire Martell
Founder | Murdock Martell

Zora is the cofounder and CFO at ReJoule, a battery diagnostics and optimization company. Before founding ReJoule in 2017, she has spent 12 years in corporate finance at Clorox and Walmart eCommerce. At ReJoule, she manages their budgets and financials while bootstrapping a battery hardware startup.

Budgeting and Risk Analysis: Cost and Resource Allocation for the Long-Term

Zora Chung has experience at the biggest and smallest companies managing budgets, get her advice on how you can manage your operational costs.
Zora Chung
Co-Founder, CFO | ReJoule, Inc.

Trinity Wiles is Co-Founder of Where and Share, an experiential retail technology company. She started her company to empower retailers to better understand their customers through data and insights while innovating the fitting room experience for shoppers.

How to Win in Retail in 2021 and Beyond

I will talk about personalization, reaching customers everywhere they shop and leveraging consumer-generated content to increase sales conversion through technology.

Trinity Wiles
Co-Founder | Where and Share

Jen Cort is a diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice consultant working with schools and organizations in multiple countries.  Her goal is to create spaces where all community members, can be seen and heard while learning to be visible and use their voices in productive ways.

Why does the focus on equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice seem different now?

Why does the focus on equity, diversity, inclusion, and justice seem different now? It's not your imagination, the conversations have certainly changed!

In this workshop, we will look at what changes have occurred and why.  You will leave with a starting point with an individualized learning plan for beginning your journey or for deepening your understanding.
Jen Cort
Founder | Jen Cort Consulting

Racquelle Lindsay is the founder of collectible art and home decor brand, Lindsay Racquelle. She grew up in Los Angeles and attended design school in New York City. During her studies she explored design beyond clothing and positioned her focus towards collectible art with an interest in natural stone.  

How to interpret your obstacles when growing your business

Racquelle will be discussing the interpretation of arising obstacles, the importance of revisiting your blueprint, and comfortabilty in evolving with your business.

Racquelle Lindsay
Founder | Lindsay Racquelle

Rosaria Giorgi is the CEO and Founder of XAUXA ♥ Chocolate That Loves You Back, the world’s first cold-crafted AI-perfected chocolate. By combining the advances of Artificial Intelligence with a rare cold-crafting technique, Rosaria and her team have succeeded in preserving cacao beans’ potent nutrients and antioxidants, saved over 430 aromas naturally present in the cacao beans but mostly lost during typical manufacturing, and created a fabulously unconventional chocolate range.

How we used Artificial Intelligence to perfect chocolate

When the team at XAUXA set out to crack the code of a better chocolate, they knew they had to cook up a bold new concept. Inspired by the belief that as humans we have the power to imagine better, they asked themselves what if they were to combine the supremely human craft of chocolate making with the power of AI?
In this workshop, we will look at what changes have occurred and why. You will leave with a starting point with an individualized learning plan for beginning your journey or for deepening your understanding.
Rosaria Giorgi
CEO and Founder | XAUXA ♥ Chocolate That Loves You Back

Vix Reitano is the Founder of Agency 6B, is a full-service advertising agency providing bespoke solutions for Advertising, Marketing, Social Media, and Content and Video Production services in an evolving world. Reitano launched Agency 6B as a six figure company in six weeks in August of 2015 and grew the business by 843% in 2020 during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Ten Tangibles to 10x Your Business

A deeper understanding of the WHAT and HOW behind growing your business exponentially without burning yourself out in the process. The session focuses on breaking down the methodology that Vix Reitano, founder of Agency 6B, used to launch a six-figure business in six weeks and then retooled the methodology to increase her business by 843% in 2020 (a 53% growth to 2019). Reitano breaks down each of these 10 principles and shares a takeaway that you can use TODAY.
Vix Reitano
Founder | Agency 6B

Denise Blasevick is co-founder and CEO of The S3 Agency, a Brand Elevation agency that has helped elevate brands like BMW Motorcycles, Eight O’Clock Coffee, Ferrari of North America, Tetley Tea, and Wyndham Worldwide – thanks to her agency's proprietary “Brand Elevation” process that helps brands unleash the power of differentiation.

Improve Your Brand, Improve Your Business

Denise will share tips from her agency’s proprietary Brand Elevation process to help you unleash the full power of your brand.
Denise Blasevick
CEO and Co-Founder | The S3 Agency

Rogue Paq was created by NY Wardrobe Stylist and Goldman Sachs alumna, Jessica Cadmus who thinks non-stop about how people present themselves. Her style advice and commentary has been featured on CBS This Morning, Bloomberg TV, CNN, Wall Street Journal's Market Watch, Business Insider, and more.

The Importance of Building Community

Jessica will discuss the concept of collaboration over competition and she will offer specific tips and suggestions on how to cultivate a strong community for your brand.
Jessica Cadmus
Founder | Rogue Paq

Lora Haddock DiCarlo founded her namesake brand in 2017 with a mission to create a more sexually equitable world. She changed career tracks after experiencing a “life-changing orgasm”, a blended orgasm that ignited her journey as a pleasure products entrepreneur with the ultimate goal of introducing the world to sex tech inspired by human movement.

The Altruist Agenda

The modern altruistic approach to creating business in a male-dominated business world.

Lora Haddock DiCarlo
Founder & CEO | Lora DiCarlo

As a proud woman in STEM, Tarlon Khoubyari has been an advocate for getting other young women to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Education, and Math. She currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of Boss Business Market where she works closely with global brands to help them tell their mission-driven stories. Throughout her career, she’s held positions in the world’s leading financial organizations and multi-million dollar technology startups.

Social Impact Marketing: Marketing for a Greater Purpose

We all know that advertising and social campaigns are constantly being used to promote, sell, or capture attention. But what if, instead of capitalizing on the attention spans of your audience your content can be used to make a difference?

Tarlon Khoubyari
Chief Operating Officer | Boss Business Market

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