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23 - 25 march 2021

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Our contributors include 100+ female entrepreneurs and CEOs, and are selected for their experience. By sharing videos, presentations, interviews, articles, these contributors are helping the platform become a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for female founders.

Magdalena Paluch

Co-Founder & CEO LabTwin


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DR and Associates




Girls Get Funded

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What you'll learn

video presentation

Allison Byers founded Scroobious, a video pitch platform for diverse start-ups including Black, Latinx, women, LGBTQ+, and veteran founders to be discovered by and connected to angels, venture capitalists, and corporate investors.

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Pitching as a diverse founder

There are critical differences between pitching in person and pitching remotely. Learn how to command attention in a virtual format and communicate confidence with your fundraising pitch.
Allison Byers
Founder and CEO | Scroobious
video presentation

TL Robinson is the Founder and CEO of THE U.P., an anonymous platform that allows members of the sexual assault survivor community to connect.

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Always Fight Back

"Always Fight Back" is an unpopular opinion, but is something that women who want to succeed need to know. This talk is based upon TL's experiences with fighting for equality and overcoming adversity in both her personal and professional lives. She's included lessons learned and realized victories from those experiences into this talk.
TL Robinson
Founder and CEO | THE U.P.


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